5 pack Epoxy Mixer Nozzle For 2 Part Epoxy Adhesives Scotchweld EPX

Adhesive mixer nozzle for use with many types of 2 part adhesives including Scotchweld EPX that use the bayonet style mount. This is the preferred mixer for for use in the Motorsport industry due to its short size which reduces the amount of waste. Many mixers



are very long which contribute to a large amount of waste once you are done, our mixer’s have 16 mixing elements which allow for a short mixer and still have the perfect mixing ratio. The epoxies are expensive, the less you waste, the more you $ave.
Mixer with Bayonet is a disposable mixer for 25 mL to 75 mL bayonet style cartridges that can be used with all types of resins such as adhesives, sealing materials, coatings, and foams. 5.3 mm ID x 83 mm long x 16 elements.
NOTE: Epoxy dispenser and epoxy cartridge not included in this listing. Dispenser and epoxy sold in separate listings.
Package Contents:
5 Mixer Nozzles

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