Kenmore Whirlpool dryer relay, 40 amp upgrade – replaces 3405281 T9AP51D2-48-03

Do you need to replace your dryer relay?
USE our UPGRADE relay which is rated for 40 AMPS!
The original TE relay is only rated for 30 amps.



Higher rating = LONGER life
This is a direct replacement for TE T9AP1D52-48-03 used in Kenmore & Whirlpool Dryers and other appliances.
Whirlpool 3405281 Dryer Replacement Part # PS346582, 3405281, AP3037419, 528722, AH346582, EA346582,
Application Part: GEQ9858JT0, GEQ9858JT1, GEW9878JQ0, EET171ETWR0, GEQ9858JQ0, 3405281 GEQ9858JQ1

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