PowerDrive2 22110 Repair kit




Battery Charger Repair Kit Club Car 48 Volt (PowerDrive2 #22110)

Most battery chargers fail due to overheated electronics.  Manufacturers specify electrical components used in chargers with enough capacity to ‘get by’ and pass their testing while maintaining the most profit they can get.  If your charger has failed (and they all will at some point) DO NOT make the mistake of replacing the failed components with the same part that will only fail again.  By using the correct, higher rated components, you will get a much longer life out of your charger!

Our kit includes the following:

Rectifier – Probably the single most frequent component to fail in the charger.  Heat causes it to fail.  Running 30 amps through a 30 amp rated part cause the part to generate a lot of heat and the shortest life.  My part is rated for 50 amps.  The charger will still run 30 amps through it but it will last much longer as it can take much more heat. Also included is a Hi-Performance thermal paste.

Relay – These are also prone to heat/current failures.  A relay that is rated for 30 amps and switches 30 amps is running at full load and wears out the fastest.  My relay is rated for 40 amps.  This is the highest rated relay in the industry that has the same package size and will mount as a direct replacement to the TE/P&B original relay.

Circuit breaker – This is the exact same part as the original and rated at 15 amps.  You do not want to increase or change the circuit breaker rating as this is the safety protection for the charger.

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